Panama Canal

Entering Half Moon Cay : web DSC3516-r : web DSC3529-r  Oranjestad, Aruba : Aruba, web DSC3530-r  Oranjestad, Aruba : Aruba, web
DSC3536-r  downtown Oranjestad : Aruba, web DSC3547-r  typical decorated traffic circle : Aruba, web DSC3557-r  typical homes : Aruba, web DSC3566-r  Skull rock : Aruba, web
DSC3581-r  small beach near the Natural Bridge : Aruba, web DSC3605-r : Aruba, web DSC3607-r  Collapsed part of the natural bridge : Aruba, web DSC3615-r  Natural Bridge : Aruba, web
DSC3638-r  residential area in Aruba : Aruba, web DSC3655-r  Historic "California Lighthouse" in Aruba : Aruba, web DSC3674-r  Another traffic circle : Aruba, web DSC3679-r  Arriving in Curacao : Curacao, web
DSC3686-r  Zuiderdam from the bridge between the 2 sides of town : Curacao, web DSC3693-r  Artistic grafitti instead of gang tags : Curacao, web DSC3695-r  nice homes : Curacao, web DSC3702-r  A home inf the former Jewish section Curacao : Curacao, web
DSC3709-r  Upscale home converted for business : Curacao, web DSC3713-r : Curacao, web DSC3715-r  cemetary : Curacao, web DSC3720-r  Dj in the "doorway" at the Curacao factory : Curacao, web
DSC3722-r  The Curacao factory : Curacao, web DSC3723-r  Soem history of  the Jewish community in Curacao : Curacao, web DSC3727-r  bottle-filling machine : Curacao, web DSC3734-r  tasting area : Curacao, web
DSC3748-r  Curacao from a mountainside rest area : Curacao, web DSC3763-r  DJ on the swingbridge : Curacao, web DSC3767-r  Oldest synagigue in continuous operation in the Western Hemisphere : Curacao, web DSC3775-r : Curacao, web
DSC3778-r : Curacao, web DSC3788-r  Zuiderdam from the Iguana cafe : Curacao, web DSC3789-r  time out for a local brew at the Iguana Cafe : Curacao, web DSC3791-r : Curacao, web
DSC3795-r  Pontoons supporting the swing bridge : Curacao, web DSC3799-r  artwork : Curacao, web DSC3805-r  leaving Curacao : Curacao, web DSC3810-r  view of Otra Banda from the ship : Curacao, web
DSC3822-r  view of the Iguana cafe from the ship : Curacao, web DSC3831-r  passing  the swingbridge into the channel : Curacao, web DSC3837-r  Old fort guarding the harbor : Curacao, web DSC3848-r  view of the harbor and the drivable bridge : Curacao, web
DSC3855-r  Entryway to the canal in 7 AM fog : web DSC3856-r  Enteryway to the canal at 7AM : web DSC3861-r  canal signal lights : web DSC3863-r  another ship entering the locks - 7:14AM : web
DSC3868-r  ship entering the locks on the Southern side : web DSC3874-r  another ship going through the adjacent (Southern) locks : web DSC3880-r  closer to the entrance : web DSC3883-r  view across the bow : web
DSC3892-r  almost at the entrance - 7:40AM : web DSC3900-r  The gate is now visible behind the ship ahead of us - 7:43AM : web DSC3902-r  cargo ship inside lock 1. Note tugboat inside too- 7:46 AM : web DSC3904-r  concurrent action in the Southern locks - the Rotterdam : web
DSC3906-r  one of the trolleys used to keep the ships parallel to the lock sides : web DSC3907-r  opening for us - 7:55AM : web DSC3912-r  the Rotterdam moving ahead into the next lock : web DSC3915-r  trolley tracks : web
DSC3923-r  the trolley tracks rising above the gates : web DSC3932-r  angle of the bow shows how close we are : web DSC3938-r  gates opening : web DSC3942-r  gates almost 100% open at 8:24AM : web
DSC3950-r  trolley on port side : web DSC3958-r  the lock begins to fill : web DSC3968-r : web DSC3970-r  seepage from the lock ahead : web
DSC3980-r  we were there : web DSC3984-r  looking back from the bow : web DSC3990-r  trolley moving into position : web DSC3997-r  Southern locks viewed from our stern : web
DSC4004-r  Gatun Lake : web DSC4005-r  Gatun Lake : web DSC4012-r  One of the older trolleys at the bus depot : web DSC4016-r  The big dig for the new canal : web
DSC4020-r  One of the new sliding lock gates : web DSC4036-r  river crossing viewed from the bus : web DSC4052-r  The French cemetary : web DSC4058-r  Lock spillway : web
DSC4062-r  Miraflores Visitor Center : web DSC4066-r  The spillway from the Visitor Center : web DSC4069-r  The Miraflores locks : web DSC4070-r : web
DSC4081-r  Swingbridge over the Miraflores locks : web DSC4091-r  A museum exhibit (a dirt spreader)  at Miraflores : web DSC4098-r  Close-up of the spillway : web DSC4103-r  The library in the former Canal Zone : web
DSC4109-r  Tour of Panama City : web DSC4115-r : web DSC4118-r  Our tour train to connect with the ship : web DSC4123-r : web
DSC4124-r : web DSC4155-r  entertainment on the train : web DSC4169-r  Prison holding Noriega : web DSC4184-r  Welcome to Puerto Limon : web
DSC4195-r  Puerto Limon : web DSC4196-r : web DSC4197-r : web DSC4199-r : web
DSC4208-r  Coatimundi : web DSC4209-r : web DSC4229-r : web DSC4230-r : web
DSC4232-r : web DSC4233-r : web DSC4239-r : web DSC4241-r : web
DSC4245-r : web DSC4246-r  Ginger flower : web DSC4247-r : web DSC4249-r  Sobre Las Olas in Costa Rica : web
DSC4254-r  Our nephew Alex & his wife Jimena : web DSC4260-r  Our nephew Alex & his wife Jimena : web DSC4279-r  Our neice - Jimena : web DSC4297-r  Lunch at "Sobre las Olas" : web
DSC4305-r : web DSC4309-r  The view at Sobre Las Olas : web DSC4311-r : web DSC4312-r : web