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NOTES (please read ALL of them):

  1. Remember that your TRUE grade will not appear until all your X's have been replaced with actual grades, (assuming that assignment was actually assigned, that you DID the work and handed it in on time). The X's will be replaced as soon as the grade is entered in the instructor's spreadsheet and the data is uploaded to this website. Any X's remaining after the last assignment is graded, will be treated as zeros. Do not email about the X's before the final. You will not get a reply.
  2. Grades for CS105 are computed based on the labs the instructor has received, with ONE exception: as soon as a single grade is recorded for Integration. When the instructor has recorded ANY Integration lab grade for ANYONE, that is a signal that all grades, for everyone, will be based on the total number of labs required, instead of your average "so far". This means your average might appear to drop for about a week, until all YOUR required labs have been recorded.
  3. In courses with exams scored by computer, where there are multiple versions of the test, if you see less than a 40 for an exam grade, you may have entered your ID incorrectly or you may have placed it in the wrong grading group (e.g.; version A in the version B grading pile). If this happens, see your instructor ASAP.
  4. Grades between 0 and 1 (for example .03) indicate special problems, but ARE STILL TREATED AS ALMOST ZERO. Please see the instructor.